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Music World Audio Jukebox is Down for a few days...Recent changes have disabled our ability to bring you the music that you want to hear...check back soon..we will be updating ....Thank You for Your Patience!!

Classic Rock / Oldies

R & B / Club Dance

Currently Under Construction



Truly Madly Deeply:
California Dreamin:
My Heart Will Go On (Titanic):
Stairway To Heaven:
Carry On My Wayward Son:
Sultans Of Swing:
Smoke On The Water:
Betty Davis Eyes:
Everybody Wants To Rule The World:
Another Day In Paradise:
Lady In Red:
Lean On Me:
Knockin On Heaven's Door:
Old Time Rock And Roll:
Owner Of A Lonely Heart:
Kiss You All Over:

Anthems & Misc. Audio

Star Spangled Banner:
O Canada:
United Kingdom:
Advance Australia Fair:
President F.D.R:
President J.F.K:
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:
Neil Armstrong:

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